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Believe in daydreams

creating your life by design means doing the work, trusting your gut, and taking deep breaths. It's about to get real up in here.


find the right people

Your tribe. Your ride or Die. Your people. you need them for when the real gets scary and the scary gets real.


Live A Bold Life

get ready to stand up, stand out, and live an unapologetically bold life. authentic. magical. for real.
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to Monk & Mills

a space devoted to giving mamas the tools they need to fullfill their dreams. Sound corny? I get it! But sometimes we just need someone to hear our deep dark, never tell a soul why am I telling this stranger, daydreams and say...

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Creating REAL Resolutions

Here it comes again. New Year resolution time. Yay.....? Look, I love a good goal setting session. I think giving yourself something to strive towards is one of the most important aspects of becoming the person you long to be. But when it comes to New Year resolutions, I think a lot of us get it ... READ the POST